Cybersecurity and certified deletion of data

"In three steps, we deleted the data, destroyed and properly disposed of the pulverized storage media, certifying the whole procedure."

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Adapt to the GDPR now is must, it has to be done soon and well

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Energy sector: secure data management is imperative

With the introduction of the GDPR, the adjustment to the correct management of the data – or the elimination of those that cannot be maintained – becomes mandatory.
The risk of penalties is high and the sums to be paid would be important.

The energy sector is a delicate area for everything that includes the so-called “data protection” required by regulation n. 2016/679.

The adoption of the GDPR was necessary and urgent: this required a safe and certified deletion of data on HDDs and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets with different operating systems (iOS / Android). Above all, it was essential to have a certification attesting to the deletion of data and the physical destruction of the storage media and devices. A guaranteed, safe and proven procedure.

Check-out at the GDPR in four moves

With Adora, cybersecurity is never an impossible mission

Delete data on more than 1000 devices

The first thing to do was to install a software product, configure it and train the client company staff. This software can safely and securely erase any data on HDD and mobile devices. For this client, Adora’s professionals have had to act on more than 1000 hard disks, smartphones and tablets.

Catalog the storage media

In the second part of the intervention, the Adora specialists returned to this company in the energy sector to finalize what was required by the safety standards. The goal was to catalog each HDD in the racks, the physical installations of shelf-based hardware on their serial numbers. A meticulous and necessary job.

Destroy the supports

Using a “shredder” – an electromechanical device that succeeds in reducing dust to any object being introduced into it – the Adora team proceeded with the physical destruction of the devices, even though the data had already been erased on an IT level. Each HDD introduced and destroyed by the shredder was inventoried according to the serial number, the date and time of destruction. What remained after this operation, ie the micro-fragments, was collected by Adora specialists and placed in specific bags. The appropriate destination is that of a waste sorting center where the micro-fragments are disposed of in full compliance with the regulations in force.

Certify cybersecurity activities

At the end of the activity we have provided our client with the necessary documentation to guarantee the deletion of the data and the destruction of the HDDs in order to make all that was recorded within them irrecoverable. Ciò che è rimasto dopo questa operazione, ossia i micro-frammenti, è stato raccolto dagli specialisti Adora e inseriti in specifici sacchi. La destinazione consona è quella di un centro di smistamento rifiuti dove i microframmenti vengono smaltiti nel pieno rispetto delle normative vigenti.

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GDPR target achieved with Adora

Full compliance with the legislation without efforts

For every company, professional or corporate, the certainty of the result, the guarantee of the services entrusted to external specialists represent a value.

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