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"Our customers ask us what the risks of data storage services and resources on demand are. They are many, but all avoidable if the problem is tackled in the right direction"




Cloud computing and services on demand

The metaphor works. And the security of the service?

Double risk, between provider and user

To maximize business performance, today technologies are increasingly common that require the use of cloud computing (data storage, messaging, CRM, etc.), but this drastically increases the attack surface available to cyber-criminals. To protect the business, cloud computing security becomes a fundamental element.

Let's not forget the cyber criminals

Among the most common cloud security risks, it is necessary to highlight the absence of adequate security systems on devices that connect to the cloud and, consequently, to data and business applications. Especially following the spread of the Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon, it became more difficult for corporate security managers to impose and verify that security solutions are installed and activated on endpoints. The first action for data security in cloud computing is therefore to establish policies that envisage the use of protection systems on endpoints, be they BYODs or laptops / corporate PCs to avoid costly data leaks.


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