Web & E-mail Security

The increasing exchange of information via the network requires complex analysis tools and services. Avoid the risks, if the problem is tackled in the right direction.

Exposure to risk: prevention helps reduce it

If the company grows out of control

The increasing use of the Internet and of increasingly network-centric business structures are contributing to the development of many entrepreneurial realities: every day they move on the web and internally manage huge amounts of sensitive and confidential data. The network is a fundamental tool for the development of various activities but unfortunately it is constantly threatened by hackers and criminals who intend to steal information to achieve their goals or create disruption to the perimeter and internal structures.

The tools can be extremely sophisticated or simply use web and email access.

Can you tell a good e-mail from a bad one?

One of the most well-known and easy-to-use vehicles for attacking a company’s resources and information is undoubtedly e-mail. Automatic compilation software, payloads containing increasingly sophisticated malware, make it always very difficult, even for the savviest user, to recognize malicious e-mails from legitimate e-mails. Often the computer security systems of a corporate network are not sufficient to protect the exchange of information.


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