Anti-Phishing. Nothing is as it seems.

“It is essential for companies and corporate networks to have reliable systems for exchanging information. Computer security offers tools to recognize phishing and eliminate it”.




Phishing, a word so many threats

Adora identifies the risks to which you expose your company

We begin from recognizing the problem

Among the most widespread hacker attacks, phishing is based on sending e-mail messages to victims who show to be from reliable or known sources. Cyber-criminals act by holding the unsuspecting recipient open an e-mail message that may contain a bait: an attached file to download, a link to confirm information about a profile, a site or a social network where the victim really has an account. The victim can download malware or land on a clone website, which resides on a phisher-controlled server. In both cases sensitive information is stolen, up to bank details, pins and passwords or worse, the loss of the data of one’s systems.


The ABC of Anti-Phishing. But don't forget the Z.

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