We secure your business

We secure your business

Taking high risk should not be part of your job

We help you secure every aspect of your business.
Tell us which one to start with.


We live in a connected world where you do not know who is going to look for you

GDPR e ISO/IEC 27001

Privacy and data protection are important. They must also be important for you.

Digital Forensics

We are digital investigators: we analyze data for forensic security and support the fight against computer crimes.

Safety is a value for us!

Integrity, availability and confidentiality of information are the basis of a reliable and secure system. Then we must look beyond.


Web Application Firewall

The solution to eliminate vulnerabilities of web systems


Strong Authentication

We need to raise the safety bar with 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)


Web & E-mail Security

Safe exchange of information is possible


Cloud security

Sheltered but with "the head" in the clouds


Anti Phishing

Nothing is as it seems. Know the attack methods to protect yourself adequately.


Digital Forensics

Essential in the legal field, useful in investigative actions

No longer rains in the wet.
A secure system protects you from many risks.

The right tools from Adora will help you to avoid new ones

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