Digital Forensics by Adora: a name for many activities

We are at the side of those who direct investigative activities aimed at combating crimes and fraud related to the illegal intrusion into computer memories or information systems for embezzlement of personal and sensitive data.

When the damage is done one must investigate

Against torts and crimes perpetrated by digital means one must know who to ask help from

Do you always know who entered your system?

Every day we use our digital devices and most of the actions we are going to perform leave traces without our knowledge. These traces, if treated correctly, have enormous value in order to protect the information assets and, if necessary, can be used for legal purposes to prove unauthorized access, data corruption and computer theft.
And if the data is no longer there? It may happen that sensitive and important data disappear, even deleted by mistake. Recovering them without doing other damage is not easy and understanding if the integrity of the information has been maintained is almost impossible for those who are not experts.

When a witness is needed

Forensic computer science allows us to gather concrete evidence from digital media and when a “testimony” is needed we also need an expertise.
In many areas not strictly related to business, such as cyberstalking or defamation through social networks, who will be able to give support to detect what really happened?


A delicate area: experts come into play

Analysis and guarantee of the integrity of the data recovered with Adora